What to Expect

First Session


The purpose of the first session is to get to know you and your story in order to create an optimal treatment plan. The therapist will use this session to gather as much information as possible to get a holistic picture of you. At the end of your intake session, the therapist will have a better picture of your specific case and can project better the length and frequency of treatment you will need. After the intake session, treatment will vary depending on issues being worked on and techniques that will be used.


With kids and teens: Something to note, it’s all about trust. It may take 10 or more sessions for the therapist to gain the trust of a child or teen, before the client is willing to do work. However, once trust is gained, major progress can happen and can happen quickly, especially if Brainspotting is used as a primary technique. With kids under age 12, the therapist will spend the intake session with one or both parents without the child present to gain a holistic picture of the child. After the intake session, all future sessions will be spent with just the therapist and child in the room. Of course, there are exceptions to this but this is generally how therapy works. Unlike with adults, it is difficult to tell after an intake session the length and intensity of therapy that will be recommended. Therefore, the therapist takes about 6 sessions to assess kids and teens before projecting this.

With adults: Adults may also need a period of time to build trust depending on the severity of the mental health issue. However, all techniques besides EMDR can be administered almost immediately with adults, making it easier to predict length and frequency of treatment at the beginning of therapy. If Brainspotting is used, adults can come for 6-10 sessions following their intake session and that could be sufficient depending on their presenting issue.


Check out the "Treatment Options” section of the website for more information on what is offered. There is also extensive information on Brainspotting if you’d like to learn more.


Cost of Therapy with Laura Stuart

Insurances accepted: Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Crime Victims Compensation, Centerstone Military Services, Second Wind Fund, Rocky Mountain Brainspotting Institute, and Medicaid (COLORADO ACCESS ONLY).


60-minute intake session: $120

50-minute individual therapy session: $120 

Cost of Therapy with Holly Sargent

Insurances accepted: Crime Victims Compensation

60-minute intake session: $75

50-minute individual therapy session: $75

Check out the contact page for days and times of operation.